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Korzina, I. A. Enforcement of the Local Government Rights to Judicial Protection by International Judicial Authorities

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2011-10 , pages 49-57.

Resume: The right of the local self-government to the judicial protection is one of the most important constitutional guarantees of the local government. It is aimed at effective exercising o powers of the local self-government when performing its local functions. Besides Constitution of the Russian Federation, the issues of legal protection of local government are also regulated by a number of international documents. The article reveals the main possibilities enforcement of the local government right to judicial protection by international judicial authorities. The main goal of this right is to make the Russian Federation fulfill the European standards of human and civil rights and liberties.

Keywords: judicial protection of local self-government, generally recognized principles and norms of the international law, international judicial authorities, the Council of Europe, European Charter of Local Self-Government, European Court of Human Rights, public authority and state authority, judicial protection, right to judicial protection.


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