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Dolgov, K. M. Culture in the Age of Globalization

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2011-9 , pages 38-43.

Resume: The article reveals the most important moments of culture the foundation of all human life activities and, in the first place, the domestic and foreign policy of all countries and peoples historical creativity. The article shows the role of culture in the globalizing world as the basis of creativity of all individuals and each ethnos. In this regard we can say that culture dictates politics and politics dictate culture. Being both an object and subject of culture, human being is a spiritual core of the process and the importance of his role cannot be exaggerated. Peoples languages play an important role, too, because they develop the national culture and constitute the global culture and civilization.

Keywords: philosophy, culture, civilization, politics, globalization, humanity, people, language, society, human.


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