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Fokin, A. R. Solution of the Trinity Problem in Western Patristic: Marius Victorinus, Augustinus, Boethius

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2011-6 , pages 99-106.

Resume: The article analyzes various approaches to solution of the problem of the Trinity in Western patristics during the 4th-6th century based on the trinity teachings by Marius Victorinus, Augustinus and Boethius. The author describes the three basic conceptual trinity models: metaphysical, psychological and formally logical. Eve though all of them are based on antique philosophy introduced by Aristotle and Neo-Platonists, these philosophical conceptions are transformed and start to serve for the teachings of the Church based on the Biblical Revelation of the Triune God.

Keywords: philosophy, patristics, antique philosophy, mediaeval philosophy, Christianity, religion, theology, the Trinity, western civilization, knowledge of god.


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