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Beskova, I. A. Creative Work as an Expression of a Creator’s Personality

Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", 2011-4 in rubric "MYSTERIOUS REVELATIONS… ", pages 78-86.

Resume: The author of the article believes that a creative insight represents certain qualities of a person who creates an artwork. In order to prove it the author tries to show that the means of expression themselves reflect personality of an artist who uses these means to realize his creative quest and to achieve a cognitive, artistic and spiritual insight. The author analyzes the fundamental concepts which are directly related to the study of the thinking activity, in particular, such terms as ‘information’ and ‘idea’. Based on the author, the term ‘information’ better describes the processes of the ready or ‘ frozen’ knowledge while the term ‘idea’ more adequately renders the dynamics of finding and creating something new.

Keywords: psychology, creative work, genius, creativity, idea, information, corporeity, mentality, insight.

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