'Heterotopy: Summary of I. T. Kasavins Book Text. Discourse. Context' Philosophy and Culture nbpublish.com
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Ignatenko, A. S. Heterotopy: Summary of I. T. Kasavins Book Text. Discourse. Context

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2011-4 , pages 165-169.

Resume: Based on I. T. Kasavins book Text. Discourse. Context the author analyzes the modern way of existence of a philosophical text, an author and conceptions involved. The author describes a new sphere of knowledge combining various points of views and conceptual systems. Based on the example of Kasavins social epistemology of language the author of the article suggests to view such fields of discussion as multidimensional spaces of non-classical type, heterotopy in according with the concept introduced by Foucault.

Keywords: philosophy, heterotopy, space, topology, text, discourse, context, epistemology, post-modernism, knowledge.


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