'Measuring the Law: Legal Certainty as a Watermark.' Journal of Foreign Legislation and Comparative Law nbpublish.com
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Arnaud Raynouard, AnneJulie Kerhuel Measuring the Law: Legal Certainty as a Watermark.

Published in journal "Journal of Foreign Legislation and Comparative Law", 2010-6 , pages 0-0.

Resume: The article discusses the various approaches and criteria to assess the mutual influence of law and economics. In particular, the approach of the project Doing Business, and a number of U.S. researchers, whose main thesis is to establish the connection between the effectiveness of legal norms belonging to a particular legal system, is critisized. The authors argue that such interaction is more complex and complicated and deserves more attention from the legal community.

Keywords: assessment of law, economic efficiency, legal certainty


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