'Chekhovs Province and the Memory about the Famous Countryman.' Culture and Art nbpublish.com
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Shulepova, E. A. Chekhovs Province and the Memory about the Famous Countryman.

Published in journal "Culture and Art", 2011-1 in rubric "Memory studies", pages 0-0.

Resume: The article describes Taganrog as a place with a strong historical and cultural energy (in Russian and Global historical and cultural contexts) and Chekhovs province as a special area of ideas and spirits at the crossing of opinions of pre-Chekhov and after-Chekhov Russia artists and philosophers. The author defines A. P. Chekhovs consolidating role for Taganrog and his contribution to establishment and progressive dev elopement of cultural institutions there (theatre, library and museum) as well as the feedback which the famous writer received when he was alive and which Taganrog citizens felt after the writer died.

Keywords: cultural studies, memory of history, homeland culture, genius loci, place of development, province, historical city, cultural memorial, Taganrog, A. P.Chekhov

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