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Ursul, A. D. Information and culture.

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2011-2 , pages 64-79.

Resume: The article examines the relationship of information and culture, with special attention paid to the information aspect of culture as information process, which characterizes the degree of social evolution. It is noted that the concept of civilization leans to the material and the real, economic and technical-technological treatment, at the same time presenting a coherent social stage of evolution, the concept of culture - its spiritual and informational component, expressing the deep essence of civilization process. We discuss the information criterion of evolution in nature, society, and its application to evolutionary processes in culture. The author also dwells on the problem of fi nding pieces of cultural information, in particular memes, and give an opinion on these studies.

Keywords: philosophy, civilization, information, information criterion of development, the information approach, culture, meme, diversity, evolution


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