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Manev, I. A. Are biblical paradise and hell real?

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2011-2 , pages 42-52.

Resume: The article gives a theoretical proof of life after physical death. For this purpose the author forms a definition that this system is alive only if it records the three specific algorithms enabling its self-recovery. One of these algorithms allows the system to consume the energy needed for it to perform. According to the hypothesis of the article, every human has an invisible biofield twin besides his own physical body. The author describes incidents when people lived for decades without any food because they were receiving energy directly from the Universe; these incidents were many times confirmed both by medicine and church. Being a live system, a biofield twin can receive energy directly from the Universe after death of a physical body, too. Since it is made up of a more delicate matter than a physical body, such a twin can live almost forever. As an example the author quotes some categorical propositions of famous Bulgarian clairvoyants Vanga and Slava Sevryukova about life after death. It is also explained how biofield formations of various types of paradise and hell are formed depending on the level of morals of the deceased person and cultural and technical level of development of a corresponding epoch in history. Biofield twins of deceased people are naturally attracted to these formations.

Keywords: philosophy, personality, twin, material, self-recovery, life, memory, unconscious, paradise, hell


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