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Malyukova, O. V. Epistemology Of Time.

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2011-1 , pages 35-40.

Resume: It is possible nowdays to ascertain that a new situation bearing on attempts to rethink the phenomenon of time is coming up. Any similar approaches could be executed on the ground of a wide interdisciplinary synthesis for different disciplines offer incomplete notions of objective time. Proceeding from this premises, one may assume that valuable concept of time should not be formed within the limits of any separate scientifi c fi eld but could be solely inferred out of multidimensional interdisciplinary context. For this reason it is indispensable to direct basic attention to both particular features of various domains of time and methods of investigation of temporality in diverse rinds of scientifi c knowledge.

Keywords: philosophy, phenomenon of time, epistemological program, paradoxes of time, temporality, the temporal topics, irreversibility of time, measuring of time, a time scale, the alternative world

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