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Gurevich, P. S. After Kant: at the Approaches to the Philosophy of Human.

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2010-12 , pages 124-128.

Resume: This is a review of a monograph Neo- Kantianism: German and Russian: between Theory of Knowledge and Criticism of Culture in which the authors studied the importance of Neo-Kantianism for modern epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophical anthropology and other philosophical disciplines. It is underlined that it is the fi rst time in history that Neo-Kantianism is viewed in the context of Russian and German philosophical conceptions.

Keywords: philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of culture, anthropological philosophy, Kant, Neo-Kantianism


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Neokantianstvo: nemetskoe i russkoe: mezhdu teoriey poznaniya i kritikoy kul'tury / pod red. I.N. Griftsovoy, N.A. Dmitrievoy. M., 2010, 567 s.

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