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Stepanyants, M. T. Whether Modernization is Possible without Westernization.

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2010-11 in rubric "Social dynamics", pages 9-16.

Resume: Modernization without the loss of cultural identity (usually referred to as glocalization) assumes involvement in globalization processes based on creatively reconceived cultural traditions of their own. Glocalization strives to overcome the imperialistic globalism ignoring historical and cultural changes of every local nation. According to the author, we should not assume that modernization needs to adopt western stereotypes and policies. As Japanese experience showed and as India, China and Brasilia begins to demonstrate now, non-western societies can easily adopt western ways of achieving prosperity and keep their cultural identity at the same time. Sustainable development is possible only if a country relies on its own cultural grounds.

Keywords: philosophy, India, modernization, glocalization, cultural identity, particularism, Indian cultural universals, caste, varna-ashram-dharma, artha


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