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Sorvin, K.V. Logic of self-denial of remote phenomena: Christianity and capital.

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2010-10 , pages 49-60.

Resume: Hegels interpretation of Godman idea of Christianity is viewed in this article from the point of view of singling out general stages of development and overcoming alienated (remote) states. From this point of view the author analyzes one of the most topical provisions of Marx the law of tendency of lower norm of profit. The author critically evaluates various concepts of direct economic self-denial of capital, supports the view on lack of one of necessary categories in Capital. The author then views the position of similarities and differences to it in the concept of simulacrum by Baudrillard.

Keywords: philosophy, alienation, Christianity, absolute, self-denial, income, simulacrum, system, Godman, capital


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