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Yatvetski, B. V. Role of Cultural Centers in Development of Co-operation between Israel and Russia

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2010-9 in rubric "National character and mentality", pages 69-73.

Resume: The questions of international cultural co-operation are gaining growing importance in modern international relations. Nowadays there is not a single country which wouldnt pay attention at the problems of building solid cultural and scientific contacts with other nations. Many modern researches and politicians believe that being the process of spiritual, creative and intellectual communication, culture suggests the process of mutual enrichment with new ideas in the context of cultural exchange, and thus, plays an important communicative role uniting groups of people of diverse social, ethnical and religious characteristics

Keywords: cultural studies, cultural policy, universal language, multi-cultiralism, globalization in culture, creative process, cultural heritage, dialogue, in the sphere of culture


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