'On the Claims of Anarchic Philosophy (Regarding the Former Article by A.M.Pyatigorsky)' Philosophy and Culture nbpublish.com
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Porus, V. N. On the Claims of Anarchic Philosophy (Regarding the Former Article by A.M.Pyatigorsky)

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2010-9 , pages 56-61.

Resume: The article describes the polemic thoughts on the conception of anarchic philosophy by A. M. Pyatigorsky and M. K. Mamardashvili. On the contrary to the thesis on principal a-cultural sensitivity of philosophy (i.e., its independence from culturally determined meanings), these authors believe that every philosophical thought is culturally determined: philosophy is nothing else but self-consciousness (auto-reflection) of culture. Anarchic philosophy is opposed to totalitarianism of the thought but overlooks another threat: defeat of culture which fails to repress the revolt of individualism

Keywords: philosophy, anarchic philosophy, culture, consciousness, symbol, self-consciousness, freedom, totalitarianism of the thought, communication


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