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Makhovskaya, O. I. Russian Humanitarians and the Internet: Conflict of Scenarios and Orders

Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", 2010-8 in rubric "Horizons of psychology", pages 69-74.

Resume: Starting from the end of the 1980th development of computer-mediated communication of Russian scientists with their foreign colleagues has been quite dramatic. In addition to ‘outer’ technical factors there have been ‘inner’ culture-related and other factors preventing them from good communication. These include low computer competence, bad English and differences in norms and rituals of scientific communication in Russia and the West. Spontaneity, publicity and equality of all scientists on one hand were combined with authoritarianism, strict hierarchy, and tendency to avoid personal responsibility and other features on the other hand. These are the contradictions are still preventing us from integration of Russian humanitarians into the world science

Keywords: psychology, computer-mediated communication, computer norms, scenarios of interactions, conflict, shock, depression, actual communication, academic hierarchy, design

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