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Orlova, O. V. Perception of the Other Picture of the World

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2010-5 , pages 86-90.

Resume: The article is devoted to peculiarities of perception of the other picture of the world. Behavior of people belonging to different cultures depends on how they perceive the world around. As a mean of communication, language and way of cognition are determined by the culture of a national society. Verbal communication remains the most effective form but it is only part of communication. Non-verbal communication plays a greater role. The author defines cultural values and attitudes as the main parameters of the national culture. Based on the author, cultural values are rather concrete and specific. Attitudes are more abstract and perceived at the unconscious level. Cultural attitudes are a tendency to perceive the world according to this or that image and usually perceived by an individual as a part of the world itself.

Keywords: cultural sciences, picture of the world, perception, verbal and non-verbal communication, cultural values, attitudes, model of behavior


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