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Gogotishvili, L. A. Positional Polytropia as a Core Principle of Losevs Theory of Communication

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2010-3 , pages 81-89.

Resume: The author discussed grounds for the hypothesis that many concepts of language in Russian philosophy appeared as a result of a sharp and still on-going crisis of language making us doubt the possibility of an adequate understanding of words. These conceptions differ in concrete principles of text formation but have the same strategy of overcoming the language crisis. In comparison to Bakhtins, Florenskys and Schpets theories of language, the author described A. Losevs theory of positional polytropia as a core principle of text formation. According to the author, Losevs theory was made to provide adequateness and wholeness of communication.

Keywords: language crisis, principles of text formation, polyphony, polyrolism, polycyclia, polytropia, multi-layered, multi-vectored


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