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«Taxes and Taxation»
About the journal

The journal is included in the List of the Higher Attestation Commission. The journal's materials are included in the Russian Science Citation Index system. All articles are assigned DOI.

Double-blind peer review.

The authors of the journal "Taxes and Taxation" are leading experts in the field of taxation. Our authors are employees of tax authorities, tax consultants, tax lawyers and lawyers, well-known scientists specializing in the field of tax issues.  
One of the principles of the journal "Taxes and Taxation" is the optimal combination of theoretical and practical presentation of modern problems of taxation.

The journal is formed taking into account the requirements of the state standard of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation in the discipline of Law.

Editor-in-Chief: Hristina V. Peshkova - Doctor of Law, Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education Voronezh Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service, Professor of the Department of Social, Humanitarian, Financial and Legal Disciplines, 8a Kosmonavta Komarova Str., Voronezh, 394065, Russia, Voronezh Region,

The online monthly publication has been published since 2000. ISSN 2454-0706

Editorial office address: 115114. Moscow, Paveletskaya embankment 6A-211.