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«Culture and Art»
About Cyril Emilievich Razlogov

Editor-in-chief of the ‘Culture and Art’ journal is Cyril Emilievich Razlogov, Doctor of Arts (1985), professor (1988), director of the Russian Institute of Cultural studies since 1989, honored art worker of Russia (1996), recipient of the Order of Friendship (2006), member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, of the Russian Academy of the Internet, of the Research Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the complex issue “History of the World Culture’, director of programs at Moscow International Film Festivals in 1999-2005 and again since 2009; presidium member of the National Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences, of the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts ‘Nika’, member of the board at Union of Cinematographers of Russia and presidium member of the Confederation of the Union of Cinematographers; professor of the Faculty of Film Studies at All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (VGIK). He reads lectures on History of Film at the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors, lectures on Modern Motion-Picture Process and History of Film Culture at universities and institutes including the Institute of European Cultures.
Cyril Emilievich Razlogov is also the author and presenter of TV programs about movies such as: ‘Movie Marathon’ (1993-1995), ‘Century of Cinema’ (1994 1995), ‘From Experimental Cinema to Video Art’ (2001 2002), ‘Cult of Cinema’ (since 2001 up to the present).
He is the head manager of editorial projects, movie critic and publicist, author of 15 books and over 800 works on the issues of culture and art both in Russia and abroad.


  • Orson Welles (1975)
  • Counterculture and ‘New’ Conservatism (as a co-author, 1981)
  • Disillusionment (1981)
  • Art of Cinema: Problems of Expressivity (1982)
  • Gods and Devils in the Mirror of the Movie Screen (1982)
  • Structure of the Film (1985)
  • Conveyor of Dreams and ‘Psychological War’ (1986)
  • Marilyn Monroe (1991)
  • Commerce and Creative Work: Enemies or Allies? (1992)
  • The First Century of Cinema (1996)
  • Trends of Sociocultural Development in Russia: 1960 1995 (1997)
  • Culture and Cultural Policy in Russia (2000).
  • Art of the Screen. – Moscow, published by Rosspan, 2010.