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«Culture and Art»
About the journal

“Culture and Art”is a scientific Journal covering problems of culture and arts together with issues of worldwide cultural heritage, which are viewed from the position of cultural studies and art criticism in the largest methodological, geographical and chronological range.
In fact, the original structure of the periodical edition allows us to study the history of culture and art, the complicated processes of transformation, introducing a different cultures and arts in their diversity and research collaboration, both theoretical and applied.

Moreover, the Journal reveals not only the rich traditions, innovations, the accumulated information and communications, but also cultural policy, legal culture; it raises issues of management culture as industry and business on its pages.

Also the authors of the Journal provide interdisciplinary research at the interface between cultural studies, art and philosophy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, ethnology, history, religious studies, political science, philology, literary studies, linguistics, linguistics, pedagogy, religion.

The Journal applies to cultural scientists, art historians and art philosophers, sociologists and psychologists, historians and political scientists, philologists, specialists in education and to a wide range of readers.

The Editorial Board of the Journal is looking to cooperate with new authors. Please, read the Requirements for articles. Authors of all articles chosen to be published in the Journal receive a free copy of the Journal.

Articles of the Journal are included in the system of the Russian Science Citation Index.

The Journal is published six times a year. You can order or purchase the first three issues on-line and receive the Journal by subscription from July, 2011. Feel free to subscribe for the Journal starting from whatever month you wish. You shall find the Journal index number (81930) in the Catalogue ‘Russia’s Press’ (green cover) in all post-offices of Russia and CIS countries from March 1, 2011.