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«Police activity»
About the journal

Online publication. It has been published since 2011. ISSN 2454-0692. It is included in the List of the Higher Attestation Commission, indexed in the RSCI. Articles are assigned DOI.

Editor-in-Chief: Alexey V. Kurakin, Doctor of Law, Professor, Financial University under the Government of Russia.

Department of Legal Regulation of Economic Activity. 49/2 Leningradsky Avenue, Moscow, 125167, Russian Federation


The journal "Police Activity" is devoted to the consideration of legal and organizational problems that occur in the official activities of police agencies operating in the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

The journal covers the forms and methods of administrative, operational and investigative, as well as criminal procedural activities of the police of Russia and foreign countries.  In addition, the journal covers the functioning of international police organizations (Interpol, Europol).


Editorial office address: 115114. Moscow, Paveletskaya embankment 6A-211.

E-mail: w.danilenko@gmail.com