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«National Security»
Concept of the Journal
"National Security/ nota bene" – online edition. ISSN 2454-0668. Published since 2006. Journal of National Security of Russia and foreign states. Specializes in scientific specialties in the fields of: economic, technical sciences, law. It is included in the List of the Higher Attestation Commission, Indexed in the RSCI. Articles are assigned DOI. 
Doctrines, strategies, systems of interaction and counteraction in the field of management and economics, forecasting and planning, personnel policy, law, psychology, computer science and statistics are considered.
The authors are prominent scientists, experts and practitioners on various issues of national security. 

Editor-in-Chief: Vladimir Leopoldovich Shultz, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy

Editorial office address: 115114. Moscow, Paveletskaya embankment 6A-211.

E-mail: w.danilenko@gmail.com