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«Environmental Research»
About the Journal

This scientific quarterly online publication specializes in only one area of scientific development, and concentrates on a complex, interdisciplinary approach towards solutions in the area of environmental protection. The journal is dedicated to the analysis of the most relevant issues of the legal regulation on environmental protection in Russia and abroad, negative anthropogenic impact upon the environment as a result of manufacturing and use of chemical substances, genetically modified organisms, and other products. It presents achievements in the sphere of biological, medical, and technical sciences, oriented towards environmentally friendly application of the results of fundamental and practical developments from the research centers in Russia and abroad. It also publishes the main scientific results of dissertations of individual seeking doctorate and candidate degrees. In accordance with the nomenclature of scientific specialties of the Highest Attestation Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, this publication focuses on the following disciplines:

03.02.00 – General Biology

05.23.19 – Environmental Safety of Development and Urban Economy

05.26.00 – Safety of Human Activity

12.00.06 – Natural resource law; agricultural law; environmental law

The journal systematically publishes peer reviews for monographs, textbooks, and learning guides. The publisher has an independent Institute of Scientific Peer Review. Each article undergoes the “double-blind review” process.

The journal assigns a universal international identification number DOI of the CrossRef system to all published articles. The publication is also included into the Russian Science Citation Index and registered with the Scientific Electronic Library.