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«Architecture and design»
Publication policy

The “Architecture and Design” scientific journal is an online publication, and presents results of research in accordance with the following scientific specialty nomenclature

* 05.23.00 – Construction and architecture

* 17.00.00 – Art history

* 24.00.00 – Culturology

This publication adheres to the principles of secularity, humanity and democracy; does not publish popular publicity materials; does not participate in political propaganda or advertising.

The main goals of the journal: elucidation of newest scientific achievements of Russian researchers in the areas of architecture, urban development, landscape architecture, and design; support of researchers, shedding light on innovations, systematization and preservation of information, and popularization of knowledge.

The journal peer-reviews and publishes submitted materials; forms its own database of metadata, articles and archives connected to the largest global search engines. This work is oriented towards global collaboration with scholars, libraries and research centers in the area of communication and information.