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Review of the monograph by E. V. Belova "Organization of crop insurance system with state support in the Russian Federation. - M., 2018
Sadovnichii Al'bert

Post-graduate student, the department of Political Sciences, Warsaw Institute

02-787, Pol'sha, Województwo mazowieckie, g. Warszawa, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście, 26/28






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This article is a review of the monograph: E. V. Belova "Organization of crop insurance system with state support in the Russian Federation. - M., 2018". This study was carried out by the author in 2018 on a fairly relevant scientific topic. The reviewer believes that this monograph is one of the first attempts of a comprehensive understanding of the need to use the crop insurance system with state support in the Russian Federation to support domestic agricultural producers. This is especially true in connection with the application of a set of socio-economic sanctions against Russia by the United States and the European Union.The monograph used a number of methods of scientific research, in particular: system and dialectical approaches; formal-logical; system-structural analysis; structural-functional analysis; statistical; sociological; various expert methods. According to the reviewer, the monographic study is sufficiently consistent with the requirements of the current legislation of Russia, which are applied to scientific works of this level, representing a wide interest both for researchers and for use in the practice of public authorities and local self-government. It can also be used in the educational process in higher and secondary special educational institutions of the country.

Keywords: agro-industrial complex, agriculture, national security, Russian Federation, food security, state support, crop insurance, system, economic sanctions, development
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Belova E.V. Organizatsiya sistemy strakhovaniya urozhaya s gosudarstvennoi podderzhkoi v Rossiiskoi Federatsii.-M., 2018.-136 s