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Security Issues

Methodological Aspects of Health and Environment
Belov Petr

Doctor of Technical Science

Professor of the Department of Natural Technogenic Threats and Risk Management at Moscow Aviation Institute

121609, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Rublevskoe Shosse, 44 - 1 - 152
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The article is devoted to the framework of concepts and terms and tools of systems research as well as improvement of health and environment which is today well known as 'technogenic safety'. The subject matter of the research is a complicated system which the author called 'environmental manufacturing' and includes industrial facilities and transportation infrastructre, i.e. those man-machine systems that continuously exchange energy, substance and information with atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere as well as peoples, animals and plants inhabiting them. To describe the foresaid aspects of health and environment, the author has followed the deductive axiomatical method and used energy-entropic concept and classification of real dangers. To describe the contents and basic terms, principles and the best methods of researching and ensuring health and environment, the author has used the systems approach and logical conslusion. Conceptual and methodological results of the research include the following: a) energy-entrophic concept and basic classification of real dangers; b)object, subject and basic principles of health and environment; c) the basic research methods of the systemic organization and improvement; d) the structure, target, goals and basic indicators of the system are not only original but also constructive because they correspond to the nature of things.

Keywords: indicator, damage, risk, danger, subject, object, method, conception, criteria, system



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