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The Formation of Historical Memory: the Figure of King George VI in Anglo-American Cinema and Television
Osipov Sergey

PhD in History

Docent, the department of History and Culture, Ulyanovsk Sate Technical University

432000, Russia, g. Ul'yanovsk, ul. Severnyi Venets, 32, of. 317
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The article's research subject is the formation of historical memory through mass media culture on the example of a specific figure: the British King George VI, whose image was practically reinvented in the last 10 years and revealed to the public after decades of obscurity and one-sided approaches. The research material for this study includes more than 10 television and film sources produced in the last 40 years which portray King George VI, and which are mainly contextual or hermeneutical biographies of George himself or of historical figures close to him. The author's research method is the analysis and socio-cultural interpretation of the collection of film and television productions with the figure of George VI with the aim of identifying the dynamics and features behind the formation of a historical character's figure in popular culture and historical memory. The author comes to the conclusion that over the past ten years, Anglo-American cinema and television have re-created the image of King George VI to become a recognizable historical person, firmly tied to the most important historical events and personalities of the 20th century and possessing a whole range of remarkable qualities. George VI was re-introduced as a positive and active figure in British history in its entirety, which was previously present only on the pages of focused studies about the king, but not in popular culture. The established consensus among professional scholars concerning the figure of George VI was successfully transferred to the sphere of mass culture, and this had a significant influence on the formation of the historical memory about the late king.

Keywords: Winston Churchill, television, historical memory, cinematography, II World war, king George VI, monarchy, Great Britain, mass culture, king Edward VIII
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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