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NB: Administrative Law and Administration Practice

Peculiarities and Problems of the Administrative Status of Pedestrians at the Modern Stage of Road Traffic Safety
Amelichkin Aleksei Viktorovich

PhD in Law

Senior Lecturer of the Department of the STSI Activity Arrangement at Oryol Law Institute under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation named after V. Lukianov

302027, Russia, Orlovskaya oblast', g. Orel, ul. Ignatova, 2, of. 416





The subject of the research is the system of legal relations in the field of road safety. The object of the research is the public relations arising between road users in the process of driving on roads, namely, the determination of the administrative and legal status of pedestrians who use electric scooters, gyroscooters, monowheels, segways for road traffic. The purpose of the work was to review the regulatory legal framework governing the field of road safety in terms of the definition of the concepts: pedestrian, vehicle and driver. The author examines the problems of the regulatory legal consolidation of the concept of a pedestrian vehicle and the determination of other features of the administrative and legal status of pedestrians using electric scooters, gyroscooters, monowheels and segway for movement. The author pays special attention to the contradiction between the existing standards in the field of road safety. The methodological basis of the work was: dialectical, historical, structurally systemic, comparative legal, statistical, formal logical and other methods widely used in legal science. The novelty of the work is determined by the need to improve public relations in the field of road safety. The author reveals the content and distinctive features of the administrative and legal status of individual road users. There is an author's definition of such categories as “pedestrian vehicle” and “driver of a pedestrian vehicle”. Ways to fill the legal gap in this matter are proposed. Scope of the results: the provisions of the work can be used in legislative activities of state bodies, law enforcement activities of law enforcement agencies, the educational process of educational organizations, scientific research of specialists in road safety issues, improvement of the branches of the Russian legal system.

Keywords: electric scooter, social relation, traffic accident, traffic regulations, road safety, means of transport, pedestrian, self-balancing scooter, blisks, segway



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