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Software systems and computational methods

Quality analysis of the fourth generation mobile communication systems service indicators
Kokoreva Elena Viktorovna

PhD in Technical Science

Associate Professor, Head of Department of Mobile Communications Systems, Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics

630102, Russia, Novosibirskaya oblast', g. Novosibirsk, ul. Kirova, 86, kab. 605



The article presents the results of analytical modeling of mobile communication systems 4G. The purpose of this study is to evaluate QoS performance in an LTE network channel. As a simulation tool, the mathematical apparatus of queuing networks (SEMO) was chosen, which proved its effectiveness for calculating the characteristics of infocommunication systems of various purposes and of any dimension. The author examined various research methods, further on the basis of the evolutionary system architecture of LTE, a conceptual, algorithmic and programming model was developed in the form of a closed homogeneous SemOI and its characteristics were calculated. The mean value analysis method was adapted to obtain network quality parameters with LTE technology. During the simulation, the probabilistic-temporal characteristics of the service process in the fourth-generation mobile communication systems were obtained: the transmission delay and the network capacity for a different number of active users, represented in the form of dependency curves from the input load. The results can be used both for designing new ones and for efficient traffic management in existing mobile networks.

Keywords: LTE, delay, mobile systems, QoS, quality of service, queuing systems, queuing networks, modeling, Mean Value Analysis, throughput



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