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Security Issues

Modelling Coordination of Citizens' and Organisations' Activity Aimed at Protection of State Borders
Senichenkov Pavel Dmitrievich

PhD in Military Science

post-graduate student at International Academy of IT Development

125040, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Leningradskii pr-T, 3s5



Shumov Vladislav Vyacheslavovich

PhD in Technical Science

Professor of the Department of Border Studies at International Informatization Academy

119049, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Leningradskii Prospekt, 3k5



The object of the research is the coordination of activity of citizens and organizations aimed at protection of state borders. The subject of the research is the mathematical substantiation thereof as well as the mechanisms of management. Coordination of activity aimed at protection of state borders means coordination and harmonization of functions and actions of the volunteer people's organization members (people's guards) and self-government authorities. The mathematical substantiation implies evaluation and calculation of financing of peoples' guards as well as fines. For mathematical substantiation of the reward-and-fine system in peoples' guards, the authors of the article has applied the theory of fuzzy contracts as ell as lmodels of socio-information influence. For the first time in the research of coordination of activity of citizens, organizations and authorities that protect state borders the authors have applied the theory of fuzzy contracts that assumes that efforts of both parties are non observable. Calculations demonstrate the the reward-and-fine system takes into account both the level of efforts and due diligence of a peoples' guard member and factors and economic situation in a particular region. 

Keywords: management, management mechanisms, reward, fines, theory of fuzzy contracts, volunteer people's organization, protection of the state border, coordination, model, border areas



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