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Trust, distrust and conflict in the anthropological and ethnological dimension
Karlov Viktor Vladimirovich

Doctor of History

Professor, Ethnology department, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

119192, Russia, Moscow, Lomonosovskiy prospekt St., 27, building 4, office B 429


The article analyzes a number of important problems of social anthropology and ethnology, which were touched upon in the monograph by M.N. Guboglo "Anthropology of Trust", and still requiring to be discussed. The background of instability, which is typical for most countries of the contemporary world, requires us to pay close attention to the realities of interaction between different peoples. Standing out among the topical issues of ethnic contact study and the practices of their resolution is the need for establishing academically-grounded cooperative relations between central government authorities and the populations of regions with complex ethnic and national composition - otherwise it often transitions into conflict. The usage of theoretical - historiographical method allowed the author to examine the problems of interaction of power and ethnicity from a fresh point of view. The theoretical and methodological analysis of the problem of interaction between ethno-national communities and power structures leads the author to a well-founded conclusion that the problem of interethnic interactions, aside academic research, also require the development of practical measures to prevent conflicts which are specific to each situation. The author stresses the conclusion that it is necessary to consider the factor of frustration under the conditions of instability of the social environment that easily grows into acute conflicts of an interethnic nature.

Keywords: ethno-regional identity, interethnic interaction, justice, social instability, frustration, conflict, trust, ethnopolitical practices, conflict prevention, ethnos



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