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Culture and Art

Place of Painting of the Soviet Period in the History of World Art
Mu Ke

post-graduate student at Moscow Art Institute named after V. Surikov

109544, Russia, Moscow, str. Vegovaya, 1





The place and the role of painting of the period of the USSR in the history of world art of the last century remain relevant and poorly understood. They are the subject of analysis in this article.The purpose of the study is to check the assumption that the catastrophic events of the beginning and the middle of the twentieth century in the history of world culture destroyed many value systems, blurred the difference between good and evil. Therefore, during this period, less attention was paid to the difference between the genres of painting and did not give a special status to the history of painting, including in the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, this kind of fine art was considered as a resource by which artists wanted to demonstrate the relevance of the theme of their work.The methodology of research predetermines the purpose of the work. Its basis was the method of analytical study of sources, which clarifies the place of Soviet painting in the history of world art of the period under study. Methodological basis in the article were thematically necessary works on the theory and history of art, the history of the fine arts of the USSR, the psychology of art. Partly became relevant for a number of electronic publications.The basis of the article is a comparative-historical method. With his help, the author determined that changes in world and Soviet painting are tracked from an earlier time. Thanks to this method, it is also clarified that the transformations in the artistically-shaped structure of painting by scientists are tracked from the end of the XIX - beginning of the century.The novelty of the article is to expand the view on the artistic culture of the XX, seeking a comprehensive review of world art and the place of Soviet painting in it. And also the novelty of the work consists in the fragmentary analysis of works of art by Soviet artists from the point of view of cultural values (cultural relativism) not only of domestic criticism, but also of Western European art history.The conclusions emphasize the fact that socialist realism is a style of realistic art that was developed in the Soviet Union and became the dominant style in this country, as well as in other socialist countries. Socialist realism is characterized by a glorified depiction of communist values, such as the emancipation of the proletariat, through realistic images.It is stated that the first exhibition organized by the Leningrad Union of Artists took place in the world art of the 20th century, which took place in 1935. Mikhail Avilov, Isaak Brodsky, Pyotr Buchkin, Nikolai Dormidontov, Rudolf Frentz, Kazimir Malevich, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin and Alexander Samokhvalov became the founding fathers of the Leningrad school, and their works were one of the richest layers and the foundation of the largest museum collections of Soviet painting of the 1930s. 1950s.

Keywords: socialist realist artist, proletarian culture, creative personality, genre painting, world art, Soviet Union, Leningrad Union of Artists, socialist realism, soviet painting, twentieth century



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