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Беженцев А.А. Innovatization of administrative activities of minors’ affairs departments

Published in journal "Полицейская деятельность", 2017-5 , pages 9-15.

Resume: The scientific article contains recommendations about the improvement of work of minors’ affairs departments of internal affairs bodies by means of correcting the departmental legislation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia including Minors’ affairs departments regulations. The author offers the measures to improve the effectiveness of interaction of minors’ affairs departments with other departments and institutions of the system of juvenile offences prevention. The research object is the set of patterns and development trends of the system of social relations emerging in the process of legal regulation and organization of the activities of minors’ affairs departments officers. The research subject is the provisions of administrative law regulating the activities of minors’ affairs departments. The author uses general and special scientific research methods, theoretical, applied and empirical methods: general philosophical, formal-legal, comparative-legal, logical and theoretical, statistical, system. The scientific novelty consists in the fact that this is an applied work aimed at detailed studying administrative-legal, organizational and methodological problems forming the content and the order of administrative activity of minors’ affairs departments. The author formulates the ways to solve the detected problems. 

Keywords: administrative responsibility of minors, crimes of minors, administrative offenses of minors, human rights administrative activities, law enforcement, prevention of juvenile delinquency, social protection of police officers , family disadvantages, protection of the rights of minors, administrative activities of the police

DOI: 10.7256/2454-0692.2017.5.22509

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