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Culture and Art

Audience of Museums:History and Methodology of Studying Abroad
Ushkarev Alexander Anatol'evich

PhD in Art History

senior researcher at State Institute for Art Studies

125009, Russia, g. Moscow, per. Kozitskii, 5





The subject of the study is the evolution of the museum's understanding of its audience and its key parameters, the development of scientific approaches and the methodology of sociological research of museum audience, conditioned by this process. The object of the study is the experience and methodology of studying the audience of museum visitors abroad - in Europe and the US, tracked by the publication of the results of sociological research. The main attention is paid to the current state of scientific knowledge of the relationship between art museums and the public, as well as a methodology that is adequate to modern tasks. The dialectical approach is used to study the experience of the audience of art. The study also involves materials from researches that have had the greatest impact on the evolution of the understanding of the audience of art museums and the methodology for their study. The author presents a wide range of interests, trends and scientific approaches that characterize the current state of museum sociology in the West and have, in the final analysis, the main goal to overcome communication barriers, attract the audience and increase attendance. An increasingly common tendency has been found for the steady drift of museums in the channel of society serving, understanding that museums should always remain a space for cultural growth, continuous education, and also a tool for maintaining positive health and well-being.

Keywords: audience segmentation, art, methodology, history of studies, audience of museum visitors, audience research, visitor studies, consumer behavior, attendance, econometrics in social studies



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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