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Бхат С.Б. The Development of Visual Communication Media from the Traditional "Old" to Digital "New"

Published in journal "Культура и искусство", 2017-6 , pages 32-44.

Resume: This article is devoted to the visual media of communication as technological progress in culture. The subject of research is the study of the developing of visual tools from the traditional "old" (printed and electronic) to digital "new" (Internet) forms of mass communication and their interaction with the culture. Particular attention is given to the main landmarks of the development of visual tools, and especially to the information age or digital age, because it gives individuals the maximum opportunity to freely communicate, transmit or receive information. The main methods of study are cultural and historical. By analyzing of vast amounts of materials devoted to visual communication, including both national and foreign sources, these methods allow to identify and interpret the main historical stages of development visual tools: the written era, the printing era (the printing press of Gutenberg), the electronic era (TV, movie) and the informational or the digital era (Internet, World Wide Web). The conclusion is that every form of visual mass communication, one way or another, affects society in fundamental areas. Books allow people to educate themselves, and not rely solely on teachers and clergy. Newspapers began to chronicle the everyday life of society with the presence of a public forum for the exchange of information and discussion. Magazines were the first visual mass communication, which began massively using photography to the advent of television. Television has brought the sound and motion in the picture and gave a view of cultural heritage as a movie. With the advent of the Internet, new digital forms, such as personal and social media communications. The result of the study is the conclusion that new media play an important role in the formation of modern culture, depicting a particular set of beliefs, values and traditions (whole life) as visualized reality. The novelty of research is determined by the new faces of ideas about the social and cultural reality, contributing to a more adequate understanding of its dynamics.

Keywords: social media, cultural dynamics, image, interpretation, media communication, visual communication, socio-cultural approach, personal media, digital era, printing era

DOI: 10.7256/2454-0625.2017.6.21784

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