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Решетникова С.В. Manuel del Populo Vicente García's Creative Style

Published in journal "Культура и искусство", 2017-6 , pages 11-19.

Resume: Manuel del Pópulo Vicente García is well known as the outstanding tenor of the late XVIIIth — early XIXth century, however, his composer legacy is no less important. Despite the import role of Garcia in the history of musical art, his work is little known. His compositions include Spanish songs, Italian and French works of the theatrical genre. Particular compositions of Garcia were very popular at the beginning of the XIXth centuries and frequently quoted by both composers and writers. Such celebrities as Isabella Colbran, Maria Malibran, Adolphe Nourrit and Manuel Garcia himself participated in premiere productions of operas. The author of the article also examines his influence on the works of individual composers and writers of the romantic era. Garcia's works are little-known worldwide and in Russia, since most of them are stored in the archives of France, Spain, Italy and the United States of America. The methodological basis of this research is the comprehensive approach. On the one hand, the author studies the creative biography of the musician, on the other - his operas as well as monographs and articles devoted to Garcia's legacy by foreign authors. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author describes the biography and creative legacy of Manuel del Pópulo Vicente García who is little-known in Russia. The author of the research reveals more than sixty works of the theatrical genre, many of which were staged during the life of the author. Garcia's compositions are eclectic and combine various national styles.

Keywords: Italian opera, Manuel Garcia, bel canto, Spanish songs, opera, romantic era, creativity as a composer, French opera, tonadilla, national style

DOI: 10.7256/2454-0625.2017.6.20800

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