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Social motives in art of British band “The Beatles”
Khoroshikh Pavel Pavlovich

KHOROSHIKH Pavel Pavlovich – chief spesialist, Far-Eastern Federal University

690091, Russia, Primoskii krai, g. Vladivostok, ul. Sukhanova, 8
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This article raises a question about the social issues of British society, which were reflected in art of “The Beatles” band. Emergence of “The Beatles” have impetus to the development of protest movement of the British youth. The lyrics demonstrated not only the moods of the separate social groups, but also covered the general problems of the entire British society, which made the art of “The Beatles” one of the most relevant at the time. Moreover, attention to the lyrics of the band was caught by the fact that the examined problematic often grasped all social strata of the country. The author conducts an informative analysis of the lyrics dedicated to the aforementioned problematic. A conclusion is made that songs of “The Beatles” can be considered an incentive to the development of social protest movement in Great Britain. Analysis of the lyrics allowed suggesting that the art of “The Beatles” band not only actualized the attention of British population towards the social processes within and outside the United Kingdom, but also have become a driving force for the domestic social protest movement, which having received an impulse during the times of “The Beatles”, remains present today.

Keywords: social problems, culture, youth, social movement, protest, songs, Great Britain, influence, Beatles, protest movement



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