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Finance and Management

Motivation as a Management Function of a Modern Company
Chkhutiashvili Nana Vasil'evna

PhD in Economics

lecturer at Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)

125993, Russia, Moscow, str. Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, 9


The article is devoted to motivation as a management function of a modern company. Modern motivational personnel management system at each modern organization should be aimed at achieving maximum economic results and developing potential of each employee. The author of the present research article covers issues related to the creation of the modern motivational personnel management system that should be focused on achieving both economic results and developing abilities and skills of each employee. Within the framework of the present research motivation is viewed by the author as a combination of stimula encouraging employees to be committed to their labor activity, i.e. a manager must ensure successful performance of employees by conducting certain organisational activities. Without motivated and skilled employees a company will never be able to create efficient systems of marketing, sales, finances and accounting. Employees' skills and knowledge become the main source of prosperity of any company. Thus, in order to achieve better performance of the company in general and each employee in particular, it is necessary to look for more efficient models of personnel management as well as to create necessary conditions for developing creative abilities and careers of each employee. Employees' knowledge and skills contribute to the profitability of a company. As the main conclusion of the research, the author offers certain measures to improve the motivation of the personnel. These measures allow employees to take their duties as a conscious activity contributing to their self-improvement and professional and career growth. Thus, it is necessary for a company to create the kind of conditions that would allow to create the motivational personnel management system aimed at achieving maximum economic results and developing potentials of each employee. 

Keywords: function, encouragement, competition, organisation, initiative, labor, efficiency, management, motivation, reward



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