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Roshchupkina V.V. The Analysis of Problems of Administration of the Corporate Tax Under the Conditions of Financial Uncertainty (the Case Study of the Stavropol Krai)

Published in journal "Taxes and Taxation", 2016-10 in rubric "Tax administration", pages 803-809.

Resume: The purpose of the present research is to define established tendencies (including illegal ones) in the process of taxation of corporate profits in the Russian Federation and to develop new methods of fiscalization of the latter. Tax revenues are the basis for establishing the revenue part of the budget. This creates special interest towards questions related to evaluation of these revenues, their limits and expansibility. In her research Roschupkina pays special attention to the means of the administration of profits tax by regional tax authorities. Today's economic situation demands regional authorities to activate effective and search for additional sources of budget revenues in relation to the implementation of tax policies. In this article the author has carried out analysis of the methodological instruments of profits administration. Roschupkina has applied the statistical research method to study dynamics of revenues coming into the budget system, amounts of arrears and debts. The author also develops the conceptual framework for improving the profits taxation as an element of administration methodology. The process of establishing tax legislation provisions has defined the significance of the problem of defining profits tax and mechanism of collecting it. It is quite obvious that there is a direct dependence of the state budget on tax revenues in general and profits tax in particular considering the conditions of the development of market relations in Russia. Meanwhile, there is a number of problems in the administration of the aforesaid tax. Thus, questions related to establishing preferences at the level of the Russian Federation constituent in order to increase the region's investment prospects come to the fore.

Keywords: tax holidays, tax period, tax benefit, tax base, tax rate, profit, budget, tax policy, tax system, payment

DOI: 10.7256/1812-8688.2016.10.20042

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