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Borzykh S.V. The Elektronik's Syndrome

Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", 2016-3 in rubric "Limits of intellect", pages 243-250.

Resume: The object of the research is some rigidity of human thinking as a result of particular circumstances, cultural environment and epoch. Special attention is paid to the way we see this world, what we observe there and how we explain observed phenomena to ourselves and other people. The author of the article successively analyze all the factors that influence our world view and can't be ignored by anyone including a researcher. As the main research methods, the author apply medical principles of diagnostics of interrelated symtpoms and syndromic analysis. The main conclusion of the research is that there is a certain dependence between our way of thinking and particular circumstances we live in. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author has used the methods and techniques that are not typical for making such conclusions. The author also assumes that we tend to solve our tasks by using methods that are convenient yet nto always beneficial.

Keywords: explanation, understanding, culture, circumstance, epoch, solution, thinking, syndrom, mind, world view

DOI: 10.7256/2070-8955.2016.3.19253

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