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Nikolaeva E.V. Taxation of Excess Profits as Part of the Implementation of Solidarity Tax

Published in journal "Taxes and Taxation", 2016-3 in rubric "TAXATION OF PHYSICAL PERSONS", pages 232-238.

Resume: The subject of the research is the definition of 'excess pforits'. Special attention is paid to the need to impose additional tax burden on the well-to-do class. The author thoroughly analyzes the concept of 'solidarity tax' as an instrument of excess profits taxation. She also examines parameters of solidarity tax and defines general and specific features of solidarity tax as part of the overall taxation system. Nikolaeva also provides the comparative analysis of the experience of implementing solidarity tax in foreign countries such as France, Italy,Czech Republic and Germany. The methodological basis of the present article is the scientific researches made in the sphere of taxation. The author of the article has used general research methods such as scientific analysis, synthesis, abstraction, comparison, etc. The author studies the positive and negative aspects of using solidarity tax from the point of view of excess profits taxation. The focus is made on the efficiency of solidarity tax as part of the governmental performance of social and economic functions. The author of the article also describes the main prerequisites for implementing solidarity tax in the Russian Federation and concludes that certain difficulties may arise in the process of imposing the aforesaid tax. Based on the analysis of the foreign experience in the implementation of solidarity tax, the author makes recommendations on how to improve the system of excess profits taxation in Russia. The material presented can open up new prospects for further research.

Keywords: excess profits, solidarity tax, tax burden, taxation of excess profits, taxation, social justice, tax reform, tax mitigation, tax law, tax on the rich

DOI: 10.7256/1812-8688.2016.3.16514

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