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Bukalerova L.A., Kuznetsova O.A., Koz'menko V.M. On the issue of modernization of monitoring materials for the module The Bases of the Legislation of the Russian Federation for foreign nationals applying for residence permit

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2015-11 in rubric "ADMINISTRATIVE AND MUNICIPAL LAW AND THE PROBLEMS OF MIGRATION", pages 1169-1173.

Resume: The article considers the role of study of the bases of Russian legislation, and testing as a means of adaptation of foreign nationals to socio-cultural conditions in Russia. The authors note that the preparation for tests for residence permit requires a more thorough study of subjects in comparison with those for migrants applying for a work permit or a patent. Special attention is paid to the methodology of compositing the tests whose results will allow the foreign nationals not only to test their knowledge, but also to learn the course better. The authors apply the universal dialectical method of cognition and various special scientific methods: logical-legal, historical, comparative-legal, system-structural analysis, statistical and special sociological methods. The authors conclude that testing is aimed not only to evaluate the acquired knowledge, but also to encourage the study of the material. The very structure of the tests and the understanding of their content play an important role in education and assistance to foreign nationals in their aspiration for becoming full members of the Russian society.

Keywords: Foreign nationals, ethno-cultural isolation, integration, adaptation, basic legislation, module, residence permit, exam test, requirements, testing

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2015.11.16868

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