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Tsurkan A.A. Glamour as a Mode of Competitiveness: Nature and Impacts

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2015-10 in rubric "LEGAL CULTURE AND POLITICAL CULTURE", pages 1302-1312.

Resume: The subject of the research of the present article is the phenomenon of glamour as a mode of competitiveness in the context of modern mass culture, its genesis, stages of formation and the degree of its influence on the European (Western) public consciousness. In the article the author considers the influence of British (Scott, Byron) and French (the image of Napoleon I) traditions on the formation of mythology, ideology and aesthetics of glamour as a means of realisation of the competitiveness principle in order to reveal the success coefficient and determine the status of the competitors in this segment of mass culture. Methodologically the study is based on the method of ascension from abstract to particular, the principle of historicism, and comparative analysis. The novelty of the article lies in consideration of the phenomenon of glamour as a way of displaying (mode) of the competitiveness principle in the context of sociocultural evolution, the genesis of this phenomenon, its mythology and aesthetics. The main conclusion of the article is that in the modern era and in the context of the formation of mass culture, glamour has become not only a significant aesthetic phenomenon, but also, which is even more important, a way to implement competitiveness, a criterion for determination of the success of an individual under the conditions of growing competition and social dynamics of European (Western) society.

Keywords: glamour, conflict , competition, mass culture, aesthetics, Walter Scott, George Byron, Napoleon I, brand, style

DOI: 10.7256/1812-8696.2015.10.16448

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