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Mikhailenko, Yu. P. Adam Smith as a Theorist of Education

Published in journal "Pedagogy and education", 2014-2 in rubric "In search of the meaning", pages 50-66.

Resume: The subject under research is Adam Smiths views on the development of science and education since the Ancient Times till the Early Modern Period. We usually think of Adam Smith as an economist but in fact he studied moral aspects of economic management paying special attention to the overall improvement of human moral qualities. Following Adam Smith, the author of the present article compares educational and scienti􀏔ic achievements of ancient Greeks and Romans and analyzes educational processes going on in Europe in the Middle Age and Early Modern Period. The author of the present article uses the method of materialistic dialectics and empiric analytical techniques combining induction and deduction. Each approach is used by the author in an appropriate case or relation. The author of the article also describes the process of the development of Adam Smiths views on science, education, law and philosophy. Adam Smith paid special attention to achievements in the sphere of science and education in Ancient Greece and Rome. He believed Newtons theory to be the best example of a scienti􀏔ic theory and he also believed it to be a good methodological guideline for other branches of science, for example, moral philosophy Adam Smith was so interested in. By analyzing theories of Adam Smith, Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton, the author of the present research article draws parallels between modern processes of reformation of Russian science and education.

Keywords: science, education, law, utopianism, Caesar, competition, Galileo, Newton, reformation of education, bureaucracy.

DOI: 10.7256/2306-434X.2014.2.12624

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