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Chertok, M. D. Fly up Like Eagles, Falcons!

Published in journal "Culture and Art", 2013-6 in rubric "Music and music culture", pages -.

Resume: The subject matter of the present research article is one of the most popular soldier’s marching song ‘Fly Up Like Eagles, Falcons!’. The purpose of the present article is to trace back the history of the song from the moment when it was first heard till the moment when it was first performed for the audience and first published. The results of the study are the discovery of the first facts of the song being performed in the 30th of XIXth century, particularly in 1834 during the Kalisz maneuvers but not during the Patriotic War of 1812. The results of research can be used to prepare for publication of selected patriotic and soldier’s songs. The scope of application of the results includes soldier’s songs, military history, preservation of cultural heritage, songcraft and Russian history. The research methods include the search and analysis of all references to this song in printing materials and audio and visual works. The author of the article studied different variants of the song as well as existing selected soldier’s songs published in Russian and foreign languages. Conclusions: the old soldier’s song ‘Fly Up Like Eagles, Falcons!’ is still dearly loved and popular among military officers. The song has a rich history that relates to the heroism of Russian people during wars. Different variants of the song also show the creativity of composers of soldier’s songs. The song is quite important for modern creative professionals.

Keywords: soldier’s song, union with Prussia, Kalisz maneuvers, Great Patriotic War, military history, cultural heritage, field camp, choir singing, Russian tsar, Prussian King.

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