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Smorkalov A.Yu., Sadovin I.A. System for transferring lectures into virtual world vAcademia using features of Microsoft Kinect and stream processors

Published in journal "Software systems and computational methods", 2013-4 in rubric "Virtual worlds and virtual reality systems", pages 354-362.

Resume: the article reviews techniques and architecture of a system for transferring live lectures into virtual world vAcademia. The system records lectors voice and uses Microsoft Kinect for capturing teachers gestures transforming this data into lectors avatar animation. With the performance capabilities of streaming processors the content of the projectors screen used by teacher is transferred directly to the virtual world and displayed in shared graphical workspace, and the additional analysis of the image from Kinect video camera is performed to more accurately determine the position of the body of the teacher. The stream processors allowed eff ectively implement the projectors screen transfer to the virtual world shared workspace and also capture and recognize colored makers on the teachers body with little or no loss of performance. Using Kinect for lecture capture together with capturing image from the projector or interactive board and displaying it in the virtual world could allow teachers to use virtual worlds as a powerful learning tool while remaining in the familiar learning environment. That is the purpose of this research.

Keywords: vAcademia, Microsoft Kinect, stream processors, image analysis, virtual world, lecture capture, presentation, slide lectures, motion capture, discrete wavelet transform

DOI: 10.7256/2305-6061.2013.4.10547

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