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Zagoruyko, M. V., Aliev, O. G. First We Create a Coat of Arms and Then a Coat of Arms Create Us: Forecasting in Heraldry

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2013-11 in rubric "The heritage of transformation", pages 1346-1356.

Resume: History of the symbols of the Old Russia, Russian Empire and Russian Federation has common roots and continuity. However, transformations of the main symbol, two-headed eagle, which had been made since Ivan III till Nicholas II were forgotten in the Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation. Therefore the modern Coat of Arms of Russia has many mistakes and inaccuracies. Research of such transformations has allowed to discover these mistakes. Now it is necessary to maintain a system approach to solving this issue because not only the main state symbol has mistakes but so o the symbols of regions, municipal units, monetary symbols and etc. The Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation and heraldry of Russia need to be reformed and legally fi xed. National heraldic traditions must be restored. The author of the present article makes an attempt to analyze important tendencies in this sphere and shares his own opinion on the actual status of the present issue.

Keywords: Heraldry, the symbol of nation, symbols, numismatics, mistakes, Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation, Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire, History of the Coat of Arms, two-headed eagle, symbolism.

DOI: 10.7256/1812-8696.2013.11.10067

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