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Astishina T. V., Markelova E. V., Opholz I. A. Prevention of juvenile delinquency by police

Published in journal "Police activity", 2013-2 , pages 93-99.

Resume: the author suggests that prevention of offences among the juvenile is a very acute task in preventive activity of the bodies of Internal Affairs. Infringing behavior of the minors determines not only crime in general at present, but it also determines future crime. Obviously its a serious question to carefully choose the organization, which this job will be imposed on. Notwithstanding the comparatively low statistics of offences committed by the juvenile among the general crime, the work aimed at prevention of the offences among the juvenile is of great importance.

Keywords: police, task force for the work with the cases of juvenile, bodies of Internal Affairs, preventive measures, compulsion, conviction, measures, help, interaction, collaboration, neglect, public safety.

DOI: 10.7256/2222-1964.2013.02.3

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