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Nesterov, A. A. Method of Evaluation of Production and Information Components of Innovative Environment of Economic Systems

Published in journal "Taxes and Taxation", 2012-11 in rubric "TAX CALCULATION AND REPORTING", pages 23-30.

Resume: The article contains the methods of evaluating the level of development of the components constituting the innovative environment of economic systems as well as the level of development of the technological infrastructure and comparative analysis of the internal and external components of innovative environment. The author provides the list of factors determining the structure of production infrastructure and information component of economic systems. The author also provides an example of the main components of technological infrastructure of economic systems at the federal district level as well as the rating scores of development of technological infrastructure of federal districts based on statistic data for 2010. The author also gives ratings of production and information components of innovative environment of federal districts.

Keywords: economics, methods, level, rating, evaluation, development, factors, infras tructure, innovation, environment.

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